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Futur Pension is a digitalised Swedish insurance company. We offer private individuals and corporations comprehensive solutions within occupational pensions, endowment insurance, private pensions, and life insurance.

Futur Pension was born digital, and with a passion for building strong customer relations. From the very foundation of the company in 1999, we have been a forerunner in insurtech. At that time, we were the Swedish link of Danish Danica Pension. We can thus combine a long insurance tradition with a new, modern way of working and a cost-effective administration.

Futur Pension is a Swedish life insurer operating like a fintech with a capital-light and self-financing business model. We are focusing on providing exclusively unit-linked life insurance policies and pensions to private and corporate clients.

Embracing change, and with a customer centric attitude, our systems are an extension of our thinking. As the cost and service leader in Sweden, Futur Pension excels with its fully digitalized client interaction on our cloud-based IT infrastructure. The cost ratio outperforms the whole Swedish life insurance market, and the unreachable competitive advantage expands every year by default.

The platform framework is built on latest Microsoft technology and the Angular platform for building mobile and desktop web applications, developed by Google. It gives us world class speed and performance. The scalability permits us to grow and extend our offering or handle new demands from our customers rapidly. When combined with a domain-driven and sometimes event-driven architecture we can instantly trace and react to any changes made within our systems.

It is important for us to be independent. We have no funds of our own and are not tied to any fund managers. The selection of funds offered, is made in consultation with independent valuation institutions. Our primary focus is on creating insurance solutions that appeal to our customers, and create a positive experience, now and in the future.

About us
Our mission

Our mission

”As an independent business we aim to create the best circumstances for long-term savings by offering the simplest and most secure processes, and the most innovative solutions.”

Being an independent business gives us a unique position in the market. With our own technical platform, we have a long history of acting autonomously and being able to develop our offers according to the needs of our customers. Our field is the long-term savings, where simplicity in our processes and security in technology and regulations will create safety and trust. To always be ahead and to find the most optimal solutions for our customers and partners is our driving force.

Our vision

”To create a positive experience, now and in the future.”

Every day we do our best to make every encounter with us a positive experience. That is what characterises all we do for our partners, customers and colleagues. That is the ambition in every service or product we develop. Our vision embraces everything we stand for and believe in. It is not just a guide for what we do and how we do it, but a description of the role that we play for people, now and in the future.

Our vision
Our Values

Our values

”We are dedicated in our work
We are reliable in our commitments
We are easy to deal with
We care for our relations
- And we have fun along the way!”

Our values describe the behaviours we praise and help us realise our vision. They also guide us in our daily work.


”Sustainable. Now and in the future.”

To create a positive experience, now and in the future, is our vision. This vision is most definitely reflected in our sustainability approach. It revolves around savings and Futur Pension as a workplace and employer. The foundation of our work is built on the national and international laws and guidelines, and the development goals regarding sustainability. To mention a few examples; we have joined the UN Global Compact, we are members of Swesif and we have signed the UN PRI.

Fulfilling our vision is not just about a fair, ethical and respectful approach. It is just as much a responsibility. A responsibility for what we create today should live up to these expectations in 10, 20 or 30 years. In order for this to happen, it takes honesty, transparency and a long-term commitment.

We are convinced that the better information we provide to our customers about how their investments will affect the environment, social matters and corporate governance, the better investment decisions they will make. Working actively for this objective along with our partners is the most significant way for us to support a sustainable development. By doing so, we can contribute to a sustainable development with our assets under management of 100 billion SEK.

Setting an example

We follow our own values and ambitions in order to create a better customer experience, which includes our product offers and attitudes, an environmentally and financially sound society, and a company with high aspirations when it comes to work environment, equality, diversity and caring for our climate.

With our new owners, we now have the opportunity to create an ambitious and positive plan to continue advancing our work dedicated to sustainability. Our approach is simple: what we like – we give emphasis to. What we can effect for the better, we will. What we do not like and cannot effect, we dismiss. All in order to create a positive experience, now and in the future. For our customers, for our colleagues and for the society we live in.






Torgny Johansson

Born 1975, joined the company in 2021



Johanna Danielsson

Born 1972, joined the company in 2007



Fredrik Ohlin

Born 1965, joined the company in 1999



Nils Liljeberg

Born 1965, joined the company in 2019



Josefin Eklund

Born 1975, joined the company in 2016



Carl-Henrik Holm

Born 1979, joined the company in 2014



Patrik Uväng

Born 1976, joined the company in 2013

Head of Customer & Partner Service

Marina Tyllman

Born 1983, joined the company in 2007


Board of Directors


Johan Agerman

Born 1962, joined the board in 2019 Other appointments 6


Jan Dahlqvist

Born 1963, joined the board in 2019 Other appointments 11


Dominik Hennen

Born 1981, joined the board in 2019 Other appointments 2


Thomas Schmitt

Born 1964, joined the board in 2019 Other appointments 2


Claes Carlson

Born 1958, joined the board in 2021 Other appointments 4


Susanne Larsson

Born 1971, joined the board in 2022 Other appointments 5


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Acathia Capital

Acathia Capial dates back to 2003, investing in European companies within the financial sector.


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Morgan Sandström, Authorised Public Accountant

Financial information

”Our business is experiencing stable, positive progress.”

In 2020, premium income increased by 23% and assets under management increased by 20% landing us in a position among the top 5 insurers in Sweden by market share. After one-time carve out costs for leaving the Danske Bank Group, the company continue to achieve high net income.

The basic business is stable, with stable growth. The board of directors and management look forward to future progress with confidence. Futur Pension (formerly known as Danica Pension) has been carrying on successful capital and pension business with distribution through independent intermediaries, Danske Bank and private banks/depository institutions, for over 20 years.

Futur Pension carries on direct life insurance business in the form of securities-related personal insurance (unit-linked insurance) and portfolio bonds within the framework of traditional life insurance without guarantee. Both forms of insurance mean that the policyholder bears the investment risk and Futur Pension gives no guarantees regarding return on capital.

The basis of the business model consists of the insurance company charging fees on the assets under management and occasionally on deposited premiums. The fees must then cover stock commissions and premium commissions to distributors and advisors as well as own operating costs. This indicates that the size of the assets under management is a key factor to be considered when assessing the company.

Key indicators

To be able to carry out an overall assessment of the company's size, potential and efficiency, a combination of key indicators such as the size of assets under management (earnings) with premium income (potential), administration costs (efficiency) and number of employees (efficiency) provides a satisfactory picture. The Solvency Capital Requirement is a measurement calculated in accordance with the solvency regulations. The measurement shows the ratio between, on the one hand, the risks associated with the company's commitment and, on the other, the size of the company's own funds to cover those risks.

AuM (Billion)
2020 128,2
2019 107,0
2018 80,2
2017 72,2
2016 58,2
Premium income (Billion)
2020 22,5
2019 18,2
2018 19,6
2017 16,5
2016 11,7
Admin costs* (MSEK)
2020 130,3
2019 141,7
2018 133,1
2017 115,9
2016 93,8
Earnings (MSEK)
2020 110,4
2019 105,9
2018 97,0
2017 61,3
2016 56,7
Number of employees
2020 76
2019 68
2018 62
2017 64
2016 68
Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)
2020 127%
2019 127%
2018 133%
2017 123%
2016 123%
Market share
2020 7,8%
2019 6,8%
2018 7,6%
2017 6,5%
2016 4,9%
* All operating expenses excluding commissions, depreciation of DAC and acquisition costs.
Financial information
128 bn

AuM in 2020 

23 bn

Premium income in 2020 


Market share

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Linnégatan 18

114 47 Stockholm

Company registration nr 516401-6643

Bankgiro 5256-5397