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Futur Pension is a Swedish insurance company. We offer private individuals and companies comprehensive solutions within occupational pensions, endowment insurance, private pensions and life insurance.

We were formed in 1999 by the Danish Danica Pension, founded in 1842. We can thus combine a long insurance tradition with a new, modern way of working and a cost-effective administration. Until 2019, we operated under the name Danica Pension. In 2020, with new owners, we changed our name to Futur Pension and are one of the leading insurance companies in Sweden.

We have no funds of our own and are not tied to any fund managers. This means that we are free to choose the fund managers and funds that deliver results and likewise are free to decline those who do not. It is important for us to be independent. The selection of funds is made in consultation with independent valuation institutions. Our primary focus is on creating insurance solutions that appeal to our customers.

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